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Whole-Life Disciples

Being made into a disciple of Jesus doesn’t happen through a program or a class… no, the way is made by walking… and it isn’t an individual sport; it happens through relationships–spiritual friendships, fellowships, community. With that reality in mind we have lots of different ways for you to get engaged in walking with Jesus and his community of disciples. We provide learning experiences for all ages –kids, youth, college, men & women. These ministries are good entry points to get started. Fellowships are the good way to take things deeper.
The Disciple’s Pathway is for those looking for intentional development & mentoring.

Our goal is to make, mature & multiply disciples of Jesus who develop 7 key characteristics–disciples who are:

Called & Going


Sacramental & Relational


Upper-Room Dwellers









Release & Bless

The term “deeper life,” identifies a revolt against the "ordinary" Christian experience and towards the insatiable yearning of a few discontented souls after the deep, essential, spiritual and inward power of the Gospel message. This life in the Spirit is a far wider and richer thing than mere victory over sin. It includes also the reality of the indwelling Christ, of an acute God-consciousness, of rapturous worship, separation from the desires of the world, the joyous surrender of everything to God, growing internal union with the Trinity, the practice of the presence of God, the communion of saints, the freeing, healing and strengthening grace of God and intimate prayer without ceasing. To enter into such a life, those seeking it must be ready to accept without question the Revelation of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit through the New Testament as the ultimate authority on spiritual matters. They must be willing to make Christ the one supreme Lord and King of their life. They must surrender their whole being to the destructive purpose of the cross, to die not only to their sins but to their own self-righteousness as well and to everything in which they formerly prided themselves. And the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit that follows will restore to their soul infinitely more than has been taken away. It is often a hard way but always a glorious one. No one who has known the sweetness of it will ever complain about what they have lost. They will be too well pleased with what they have gained. (Adapted from A.W. Tozer, The Alliance Weekly November 3, 1954)

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