Day 23 – For the Holy Spirit in Your Own Work

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Scripture to Meditate On and Pray Through – 
“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Wash your hands you sinners and purify your hearts, you double-minded” – James 4:8
To this end I continue to labor, contending according to His operation and power, which he works in me mightily.
– Colossians 1:29
How to Pray: Come into God’s Very Presence
The nearness of God gives rest and power in prayer. The nearness of God is given to him who makes it his first objective. It gives confidence and power in prayer. He is never far from us, but waits for us to draw near to Him, to be present to Him and to confess any sin being cleansed afresh. Draw near to God; seek nearness to Him, and He will give it; he will draw near to you. Coming into God’s manifest Presence is not some great mystery. You simply express your desire for Him, and make yourself attentive to Him. Picture yourself before His throne, and with expectancy He will visit you. Then it becomes easy to pray in faith when we know God is near and waiting and there is nothing between us and Him. When are hearts are pure before Him we can focus on the needs of others. Remember that when God first takes you into the school of intercession, it is almost more for your own sake than that of others. You have to be trained to love, and wait, and pray, and believe. Only persevere. Learn to rely on His Presence to set yourself in His Presence, to wait quietly for the assurance that He draws close. Enter His Holy Presence, wait there, and spread your work before Him, your successes and your failures.Intercede for the souls you are working among, for those who do not know Him, but whom know you and you are in contact with regularly.  Your compassion for them will grow, and God will equip you to minister to them in their times of special need. Helping you to identify graced moments. Get a blessing from God, and His Spirit into your own heart, for them.
What to Pray: For the Holy Spirit in Your Own Work
You have your own special work you are called to do each day; no matter whether the work is society or ministry oriented, make it a work of mission and intercession. It is where God has placed us. We are ministers of the Gospel wherever we are during each day. We are witnesses of His grace and peace. Make your place of work a place of intercession for those around you. Paul labored, striving according to the working of God in him. Remember, God is not only the Creator, but He is also the great workman, the sustainer of all, who works all in all. You can only do your daily work effectively in His strength, and by Him working in you through the Spirit. Be an example of good work and patient understanding of the trials and difficulties of others. Co-workers will sense that you have a source of strength and enthusiasm that they do not have. This can be a platform of testimony for you. Use your spare moments to intercede for those who are over you and any who may work with you. Intercede much for them, until God gives you words of life for them. And especially remember those who labor for the church and Christ’s mission. Let us all intercede for each other too, for every worker throughout God’s Church, however solitary or unknown.
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