Day 19 – Praying for the Orphaned Christian

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Scriptures to Meditate on and Pray Through – 
Only in God does my soul find rest; from him comes my saving health. – Psalm 62:1
Having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.  – 2 Timothy 3:5
You have a name (reputation) for being alive but you are dead. – Revelation 3:1
How to Pray: In Deep Stillness of the Soul – 
Prayer has its power in God alone. The nearer a person comes to God Himself, the deeper they enter into God’s will. The more we take hold of God, the more power we have in prayer. God must reveal Himself. We as mere humans must take the time to receive this revelation. If it pleases Him to make Himself known, He can make the heart conscious of His Presence. Our posture is to be that of awe and reverence, of quiet waiting and adoration. As you intercede for all those for whom Christianity is a social pastime (instead of a deep abiding trust relationship), be still and know His mind and heart. With this you will receive the power and understanding that is needed to pray with passion for those that are lost and broken apart from God. You will feel the greatness of your work, be still before God; thus you will receive power to pray.
What to Pray: For the Descent of the Holy Spirit on All who Call Themselves Christian
There are over 1.25 billion nominal Christians around the world. Those who are Christians in name only, claiming Christianity as their religion but have no saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They have not actually placed their trust in Jesus. They say they are Christians but they deny the power of God. The state of this majority is unspeakably awful. Their lives are dull without spiritual vitality. Formality, empty rituals and practices, worldliness, ungodliness, rejection of Christ’s service, ignorance, and indifference all describe this group – to what extent does all this prevail? We pray for the lost – oh!– but do we pray for those bearing Christ’s name, many of whom are in worse shape than those who live as those dying in darkness. Does this not make one feel as if they need to begin to give up their life, and to cry day and night to God for souls, and work to make disciples of Jesus Christ even in the church? If we think much about it, we would say it is a severe problem and an issue that needs a great amount of prayer and work! In answer to prayer, God gives the power of the Holy Spirit.
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